Well, we’re not sure which of the three guys in the group are Dutch – with names like Andrukevich, Hogan and
Coppola – and we’re not quite sure who went out and bought the beer (hey, these guys aren’t youngsters – they
just play with the enthusiasm of young’uns – so when we say sixpack, we ain’t talking about abs, okay?)  But we
are sure you’ll have a good time with these fine rock’n’roll instrumentalists, brew or no brew, windmills or not.

Tom Andrukevich, the bass player, has a long history behind and ahead of him – starting with one of Connecticut’
s first punk bands, The Survivors, in the ‘70s and ‘80s; then spending much of the ‘90s with one of the most
clever surf/instrumental bands on the planet, The Mill Valley Taters; and these days donning the helmet and
sweater (skates optional) to play with the world-renowned hockey rockers, The Zambonis. Dave Hogan, on guitar,
is a successful singer/songwriter in his own right who plays many gigs in Connecticut and is now expanding his
touring road map beyond the state. A veteran of five Nutmeg State bands (Red One, The Great Upsetters, The
Rafter Bats and, most recently, Graylight Campfire), he’s as immersed in The Fleshtones as he is Son Volt and
Duane Allman. Drummer Jim Coppola played with singer/guitarist/renowned cartoonist Bob Therrien in Bad Bob &
the New World Crusade and also recorded with Delvis.

Sixpack? With credentials like that, make it a case.

-Fran Fried
Tom Andrukevich, bass;  Dave Hogan, guitar;  Jim Coppola, drums.

Concise instrumental themes with surf overtones, and nods to early rock and roll.