All Are Welcome... Some May Stay
"A Top 10 release for 2010.  Buy it."
- Adam Devalt

"So much energy, so much groove,
just so much damn soul!"  
– The Working

"Something The Band would have jammed on
in their Woodstock basement..."
– The New Haven Advocate
Consisting of 12 singer/songwriter
compositions created and donated
by the artists.  Contains a previously-
unreleased song by Dave Hogan.
All proceeds from the sale of this CD
are donated to the Amy O’Neill Fund.
The Amy O'Neill Songbook
Golden Microphone Records - Various Artists
Keep to Movin'
Fun Box
Dave's first solo release, featuring
members of Graylight Campfire,
Jason P. Krug, Kriss Santala,
T-Bone Stone and Scott Camara
The Grimm Generation’s debut album,
featuring Dave Hogan on guitar.
The Last Record Party
The Grimm Generation
Trailhead - SOLD OUT -
Dave Hogan's second solo release,
containing new material and a couple of familiar
songs from the archives, updated. This release
will go along with Dave when he goes out on
tour.  Here's your chance to get one now,
before they're gone down South
Halloween / Christmas Every Day - SOLD OUT -
Graylight Campfire's Holiday 45!
Features "Halloween," a scary song for scary
times.  Also includes "Christmas Every Day,"
Graylight's critically-acclaimed holiday favorite.
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Blood of the Saints
Graylight Campfire's latest release!
A full-length album with brand new, original
songs, from all three guys.
Into the Washboard Millennium - SOLD OUT -
The Rafter Bats
The Grimm Generation’s "indie fairy tales dealing
with love, death and chasing the big fame."
Featuring Dave Hogan on guitar.
The Big Fame
The Grimm Generation
Winged Victory is Lys' second full-length studio
record.  Featuring Dave Hogan on guitar.
Winged Victory
Lys Guillorn
Tee Shirt Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL
Created by Robert Beam, an homage to Dave's
stage-scarred Les Paul and his oft-heard
assertion that "a good song will stand."

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Third Life
Dave's latest solo album is a collection of
story-songs, all new and previously unreleased.
Graylight Campfire's ambitious first outing,
"a blues record in weight, a country record in
accent and an Appalachian folk tale in longing."