Dave Hogan was a singer/songwriter from Bridgeport, CT with a
long history of critical acclaim. In addition to his solo work, he had
decades of experience in well-received regional bands. His style
ranged from acoustic Americana and bluegrass to electric alt-country
and highly improvisational jam-band arrangements.

After the dissolution of The Rafter Bats in 2006, Dave formed the
rock group
Graylight Campfire, who released All Are Welcome,
Some May Stay
in 2008, Keep to Movin' in 2010 and Blood of the
in 2013.  

Solo albums
Fun Box and Trailhead were released in 2011 and
2013, featuring collaborations with a number of former conspirators,
who didn't seem to need much convincing.

When not playing his own songs, Dave
performed with the
instrumental trio
The Sixpack Dutchmen, the indie rock band The
Grimm Generation, hockey rock band The Zambonis, with Kriss
Santala and Scott Camara as "
The Country Trio," and Tom
Andrukevich's reformed
Mill Valley Taters.  

He is also credited on several albums, including Golden Microphone
Not Before My Time: The Amy O'Neill Songbook,
Lys Guillorn's
Winged Victory, and The Grimm Generation's The Last
Record Party and The Big Fame.

played an endless string of gigs and had been a repeat guest
of The Gathering of the Vibes, Wormtown, Scottypaluza, Berkfest
Chuckfest, Porchfest
and Keene Music festivals.  

He was working on an autobiography, writing a new album of original
songs with Graylight Campfire, and planning a western US tour later
in the year when he died on January 14, 2020.
"When Dave Hogan comes, he brings the ghosts of the honky tonks and the
spirits of Parsons and Marriot, tales of road-weary love and better days ahead."
-The Advocate

"Dave Hogan is certainly a major player in the new breed of regional Americana."
-The Examiner
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